But what is fear?

By: Hannah Gapuz

Some people think of fear

as the monsters under the bed,

ghosts in the closet,

or a creak in the dead of night.

For others, it’s the dark,

heights, spiders, or roaches.

And for the rest, fear may

takes the form of public speaking,

judgment, the future, or death.

But what is fear? I see it

as a weed that grows in your garden.

It is a thief — one that steals energy

and makes you weary, but it also is

an itch that nags you for a scratch.

It may be easy to fear,

but one shouldn’t dwell on it –

don’t let it rule your life,

and rob you of opportunities.

We only have so much time,

it shouldn’t be wasted on

thoughts self-inflicted

that hold you from moving forward.


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