Phronesis Photography Team: Halloween Self-Portraits

MIIS Phronesis
3 min readNov 1, 2020

The best way to keep Halloween alive in quarantine is to shine a light on the traditions of creativity and self-expression behind it. This quarter’s challenge for the Phronesis Photography Team? Next-level Halloween self-portraits! Our photographers’ spook tactics included a mix of strange concepts and photo manipulation to create surreal images. The result is a collection of diverse takes that visually define the fantastic spirit of Halloween

By: Lexi Aguila

“Black Swan”, a song by BTS, was centered around this quote by Martha Graham, “A dancer dies twice — once when they stop dancing, and this first death is the more painful.”

Inspired by the concept and message behind this quote and this song, I wanted my photograph to emulate the sense of grief a performer feels when her heartbeat no longer jumps the same way upon hearing her favorite music– the same music that used to ignite her passionate soul on fire. While doing so, I wanted to incorporate the key design elements– specifically the black wings– BTS used in their music video of the same song.

By: Neomi Gerbuyos

The photo explains how everyone can have a good and dark side. Not all monsters are bad and we shouldn’t fear; monsters are just a matter of perspective.

By: Harris Haboc

Halloween is the time of the year where the most horrifying stories, costumes, and pranks are made to scare other people. In this photo, it shows how most people are scared of being all by themselves, especially in their cars. Personally, this is what I feel when I drive through dark places at night, especially during Halloween– someone looking by the driver’s window, and a pair of hands behind you.

By: Bill Mamba

This photo was taken last month; I had found an old purge mask and found a chance to take photos. As the Halloween season returns, it feels like the time to revive this old image.

By: Tony Yun

This is a picture of a dead student who wanted to join the graduation photo of his class. I was inspired by old Korean graduation albums.