Spirit Week x Araw ng Wika

MIIS Phronesis
2 min readNov 1, 2020

By: Joshua Edillon

Following tradition, the beginning of the new school year is marked with the Spirit Week celebration. Despite the shift to an online platform and the restrictions on outdoor travel, the MI Upper School still found ways to create their own costumes and continue with the event as a whole. The week began with Monday’s Wear Your Smarts, where you wore the color corresponding to your main smart. The day after was Tuesday’s Smart Leaders, where students wore and presented leaders’ quotes on innovation on their clothing. Wednesday’s Environmental Leaders involved upcycled costumes — accessories made from recycled materials of any kind. On the same day, the newly-arrived Grade 9 students nominated candidates for their Batch Representative. For Thursday’s Ethical Leaders, students dressed in their power attire, or how they envisioned a modern-day leader.

At the end of the week was Friday’s Global Leaders, however, the delay in the normal schedule would make this event coincide with the Buwan ng Wika celebration. The Upper School dressed as their favorite Filipino heroes and gathered around to watch each class’s presentation. The theme of course was to showcase MI Pinoy Pride. Ultimately, the top three would be taken by: 11- Castitas in third place, 12- Prudentia in second place, and 9- Humilitas striking gold.

Although the school is facing obstacles and learning to adapt, MI has been able to persevere and go forward with this celebration. Let this be a reminder for us to keep our chin up and face the year ahead, whatever it may bring.


Early Bird — 9 Humanitas

Best Production Design: 12-Iustitia

Best Picture: 9- Humanitas

Best Video Editing: 10-Industria

Best Original Screenplay: 11-Frenum

3rd Runner Up: 10-Liberalitas

2nd Runner Up:11-Castitas

1st Runner Up: 12-Prudentia

Spirit Week Champion: 9-Humilitas