Thank you, teachers!

MIIS Phronesis
2 min readNov 1, 2020

By: Hannah Gapuz

October calls for a celebration! The MIIS student body wanted to express their gratitude and learn more about their teachers through several activities that were scheduled for this month!

The Student Council (SC) created a Google Form called #FillYourBakits, a play on the phrases “fill your bucket” and “answering your why’s”, wherein students could write messages to their teachers and convey their appreciation for them. This was open from September 14 to 16, before being collated and sent to every teacher. Through Flipgrid, the SC also collected short clips of students thanking their teachers and compiled these into a surprise video that was shown during homeroom on the culmination day of Teacher’s Month, on October 5.

This year, the Teacher Awards was co-hosted by the Student Council and Phronesis. Senior and Junior high school students voted separately for the teacher they considered suitable for a provided category. Megawatt Smile, Perks You Up Like Coffee, and the Next Voice of Siri or Waze were some of the fun awards to name a few.

The Teacher Interviews was also a joint collaboration between Phronesis and the SC that aimed to get to know more about our teachers through an enticing Kahoot game and follow-up questions. There were three episodes, with one posted each week starting on October 9th. The first episode was hosted by Maia Regalado and Kenneth Samson. It featured Ms. Kwin, Sir Ken, Sir Nestor, and Sir Cris. The second episode was hosted by Lexi Aguila and Leon Baldivia that featured Ms. Daizelle, Sir Noe, Sir Jay, Sir George, Ms. Eunice, and Ms. Jenny. The third episode was hosted by Joshua Medez and Andre Ascalon featuring Sir Waldo, Sir Luigi, Ms. Roda, Ms. Elsie, Sir Lowell, and Ms. Jejean. These teachers were able to answer several amusing questions such as, “If you met someone exactly like you, would you befriend them?”

All three episodes can be found on the MIIS Phronesis Facebook page at

All of these activities were to show the student’s gratitude for their teachers and the hard work they put in despite the on-going pandemic. Thank you, teachers!